30 MIN


A closet face lift is a service that is basically self explanatory. When you are feeling that your closet just needs a little nip and tuck, The Brunette Friend will come in and do just that. Whether its filling garbage bags full of giveaways that you’ve held onto for much too long or just taking what you currently have in your closet and putting outfits together. 

Surprisingly, some people really dislike shopping! Luckily for those of you that have this problem you can hire The Brunette Friend to do your dirty work for you. Everything from holiday shopping to shopping for business attire for your new job, The Brunette Friend has got you covered. 

Do you ever just feel like you need someone to come to the mall with you and tell you how to pair things and what to buy? I have constantly heard this request from many people. Well unlike your best friends I am available to give you an unbiased, honest opinion per request while you are shopping. 

This is when we get to know each other! I will come to your home or meet you at a specified location to go over exactly what you would like The Brunette Friend to do for you and what you would like to get out of my services. The best part is that it's completely free! 

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