A Month of Love

Photography by Shaye Babb

February is the month of love. I figured instead of my typical Valentine's Day Date Night outfit post, I would use this amazing red romper from Lola Chiq to get a little personal and spread some love.

Love is so important in so many different ways in our lives, whether your referring to self-love, family love, friendships, being in love or simply having compassion and love for other people. I have had a lot on my mind this past week so this is not my average blog post but I felt compelled to write about what has been happening. We had a terrible shooting and lost three wonderful people in their 20s that were part of our community in Jupiter, FL.

One of them, I grew up in church with my whole life. Even though we were not best friends I always recognized the compassion he had for other people. It is truly amazing how many lives that this person has touched without even realizing it. Next time you are out and see someone that needs a hand or even have a friend that might just need someone to talk to, do not hesitate because even if you make the smallest effort to go out of your way for someone, you never realize how much it will effect their life. Now get out there in your community and spread the love! Rest In Peace angels.

Romper: Sugar and Lips C/O Lola Chiq Boutique Shoes: Sam Edelman Bag: J. Crew

#love #compassion #littlereddress #selflove #flowers #valentines #datenight

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